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#BlackLivesMatter | Introvert (INTJ) sharing my thoughts one essay at a time

If a dream doesn’t provide you value, it’s probably time to leave it in the past.

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Is there a difference between quitting and letting go? I’ve pondered this question for the past few days, as I reached my boiling point from not making progress with my artist education platform, The DIY Artist.

I thought taking a vacation from my day job at the end of 2020 would energize me to work harder on building this platform. I hoped to continue making strides toward 100 email subscribers by the end of 2021. Every time I sat down after work and attempted…

Seriously, how much time do you waste at your job?

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If you work or have ever worked in corporate America, this has happened to you at some point. You’re in your office or cubicle doing work when you get an email from a co-worker. You read it, taking time away from your current task, notice that it isn’t urgent, and go back to your task.

15 seconds later that person who emailed you appears in your office. Sometimes I think they appear magically after they hit send, transporting themselves to your area along with the email. …

A.k.a how I’ve half-assed everything my entire life

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I’ve had so many dream careers that I can’t even begin to remember all of them. At first I wanted to be an NBA player. As a child, I was able to put in as much time as I wanted to try to make this dream come true. I tried out for the middle school basketball team every year but my name never made the prestigious list of final cuts. I was offered managerial roles in both 7th and 8th grade, but those roles were essentially washing the uniforms, filling up the…

When I worked in radio broadcasting in Augusta, GA, my last stint in the industry, I worked with a General Sales Manager who always joked with me that sales was the most important aspect of the company.

I think he was joking with me most of the time, but often my rebuttal was, “if I don’t have a show that’s performing at the top of the ratings then you have nothing to sell. Programming is more important than sales.”

It’s sort of a chicken/egg situation, except in this situation I know what came first. …

Donald Trump should have been suspended from Twitter a long time ago. For years he harassed President Obama with his birther theories and was allowed to gain traction with his rabid fanbase, snowballing with those people into the events with the coup attempt on the Capitol building this week.

However, don’t let these tech companies fool you with the suspensions of Trump’s accounts now. This is a day that should be remembered, but it’s a day that should have come sooner. …

Are you being over-productive? What I mean by this question is, are you so focused on completing your task list every single day that it brings you stress and anxiety?

I’ve lived the majority of my adult life, since college, in this manner. “I need to complete all of my tasks at work today and I need to do them great and fast as well. And I need to write an article tonight too.”

Your mind doesn’t calculate for off-days, life events, and days where it’s just a struggle to get in the shower and show up.

I want to…

2021 should be the year we begin moving toward a 4-day work week. The pandemic showed us that it’s possible to perform our jobs from the comfort of our homes.

My favorite horror podcast inspired this article.

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If you don’t know me personally, I’ve become a huge fan of horror movies and entertainment over the last few years (I’m still not a fan of gore or torture porn though because I get queazy at the sight of blood or even just talking about blood.) A couple of years ago I started looking for horror podcasts that I could listen to while going through the mundane work at my day job. That’s when I found Shudder’s Video Palace.

The 10-episode podcast follows Mark Cambria and his girlfriend, Tamra, as they discover…

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Even before COVID-19 rocked this country (with over 6 million cases and 183,000 deaths at the time of this essay), the United States faced an increasing problem with the income gap between the poor and the rich.

A few years ago, McDonald's partnered with Visa to show us how McDonald’s employees could budget their money to make ends meet. The results were laughable.

In this sample budget, the person working at McDonald’s couldn’t even survive on a full month from the earnings at their job. They would be forced to work a second job to make ends meet. According to…

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