Donald Trump should have been suspended from Twitter a long time ago. For years he harassed President Obama with his birther theories and was allowed to gain traction with his rabid fanbase, snowballing with those people into the events with the coup attempt on the Capitol building this week.

However, don’t let these tech companies fool you with the suspensions of Trump’s accounts now. This is a day that should be remembered, but it’s a day that should have come sooner. Instead these tech companies allowed themselves to grow through his engagement and discussions about him on their platforms, monetizing his existence for their own capitalistic gains.

Also, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you won’t suffer the consequences if you’re inciting riots and violence among your followers. I can’t wait for January 20th so this shit show can be over.

#BlackLivesMatter | Introvert (INTJ) sharing my thoughts one essay at a time

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