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#BlackLivesMatter | Introvert (INTJ) sharing my thoughts one essay at a time


  • Charles Singletary Jr

    Charles Singletary Jr

    PR Coordinator @Evolve_PR | Writer — | Former Game Journo

  • Ibrahim Dodo

    Ibrahim Dodo

    I feel better when I'm writing | Passionate about Technology

  • Evelyn M. Wahl

    Evelyn M. Wahl

    Columbus, OH

  • Lynda Dietz

    Lynda Dietz

    Copyeditor. Grammar thug in the nicest, kindest way. I’m not scary, even for an editor. Find me at

  • Anne Henry ☘

    Anne Henry ☘

    Michigan writer, artist and Christian. Helping our faith grow at & work balance at

  • luceat


    Rookie writer, curious and courageously hopeful

  • Nurul Andy

    Nurul Andy

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